Cotoneaster salicifolius ‘Rothschildianus’ - Standard


This is a lovely large  semi-evergreen shrub to with narrowly leaves and large clusters of small white flowers, followed by pale creamy-yellow berries

Flower Colour:  White in Summer. Yellow Berries to follow.

Leaf colour: Green

Type: Semi-Evergreen. 

Aspect: Full sun or partial shade. 

Soil Tipe: Sand, chalk, clay or loam.


Plant in with a good quality compost like our Vitax Q4 and a Mycorrhizal Fungi to encourage good root growth. Keep watered for the first year. Feed 2 times a year with a well balanced all round feed like Vitax q4

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Cotoneaster salicifolius ‘Rothschildianus’ -  Standard
Cotoneaster salicifolius ‘Rothschildianus’ -  Standard